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Today, many Ohio students do not have a meaningful connection to agriculture or where their food actually comes from.

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Not only does the Ohio Poultry Association (OPA) support agriculture education, but OPA provides programs and other initiatives for students, teachers and families. These programs have been developed by experienced teachers and Ohio farmers. Materials and video presentations that are geared toward educating Ohio’s youth and targeted for in-classroom programming aligned with Ohio’s state curriculum standards. For more information on educational opportunities, contact OPA at (614) 882-6111.
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Take your students on a tour through the genetic history and potential future of our favorite fowl with Chickenology – a thrilling entry into the field of genetics and food production. This STEM-based poultry curriculum uses immersive learning experiences and real genetic samples for your students to dive deep in the future evolution of our food. If your student is familiar with ChickQuest, they will be excited for the next step in Chickenology. This curriculum focuses on 8th grade Life Science standards.

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Eggucation Resources

The following EGGucational resources will help your students better understand eggs and Ohio agriculture:
Egg Farming


Watch these comprehensive videos on modern egg farming in Ohio as well as key industry issues.

Visit the Ohio Poultry Association website to view more videos on egg farming in Ohio.


Education Resources

America’s egg farmers invite teachers and students to learn more about where eggs come from and how they move from the farm to kitchen tables.

The American Egg Board (AEB) has partnered with educational organizations to create effective curriculum materials to help further a student's knowledge of eggs and egg farming. AEB and its partners have created practical and ready-to-use materials for K-12 teachers that meet Common Core Standards. Lessons can be integrated into math, science, language arts and social studies.

Lesson plans also provide activities that explain the benefit of a healthy diet and exercise, as well as topics ranging from scientific exploration to creating a healthy plate and learning to read nutritional labels.

American Egg Board Resources

The following EGGucational resources can be found on the American Egg Board website:

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