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Ohio’s egg farmers are committed to producing safe, affordable foods for families, while providing excellent care of their animals and preserving the land, air and water surrounding their farms.

Alex Weaver

Alex Weaver

Versailles, Ohio
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Cole Cooper

Fort Recovery, Ohio

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Grand Rapids, Ohio

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Committed to Animal Care

Ohio egg farmers make animal care a top priority by providing:
  • Comfortable barns for hens to live in to protect them from extreme weather, disease, predators and other outside biohazards;
  • Continuous supply of fresh food and water; and
  • Consultations with veterinarians and use of medications, when appropriate, to keep flocks healthy and our food supply safe.
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Committed to Protecting the Environment

Taking care of the environment has long been recognized as a critical component of farming. Ohio egg farmers live where they work, so that’s a big part of why they take environmental concerns so seriously. They also operate their farms under a number of voluntary and required environmental management standards, many of which are set forth by a number of state and national regulatory agencies. Ohio egg farmers also follow best management practices for preserving the land, air and water. Protecting rivers and streams, managing the land and soil, and keeping the air clean is all part of responsible farm management.

Committed to Disease Prevention & Biosecurity

Biosecurity is an issue that is taken seriously by Ohio’s egg farmers. The health and well-being of flocks, farmers and farm workers is of critical concern. Further, maintaining disease-free, biosecure barns is an important step in providing safe, high-quality food for consumers. Ohio egg farmers employ strict on-farm measures to prevent disease, including:
  • Increasing monitoring of flocks by poultry veterinarians;
  • Restricting access to barns to essential personnel only;
  • Prohibiting employees from keeping or handling birds off-premises;
  • Prohibiting employees from visiting multiple poultry barns on a given day; and
  • Increasing the use of protective gear, including biosecurity suits and shoe covers.
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Committed to Giving Back to the Community

Ohio’s egg farmers are active members of their local communities and volunteer their time to church and civic groups, schools and political activities. In addition to the many food contributions made by individual farmers in their local communities, Ohio’s egg farmers participate in the Ohio Agricultural Clearance Program, a statewide program to direct Ohio agricultural products to low income families via the network of Ohio’s Second Harvest Foodbanks. Since 2005, more than 3 million eggs have been provided to 12 Feeding America regional foodbanks throughout Ohio.
animal care

Animal Care





giving back

Giving Back


Visit the Ohio Poultry Association website to view more videos on egg farming in Ohio.

$8 billion annual egg production

Fast Fact

Ohio’s egg farmers produce about 9 billion eggs annually.

$574 million annual sales

Fast Fact

A year’s worth of Ohio eggs has an estimated retail value of more than $479.6 million.

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