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Eggs are extremely versatile and have many uses in the kitchen. They can be the center of the plate or can pair well with other dishes. Don’t think of eggs just for breakfast or baking — the opportunities for eggs are limitless.

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Everyday Recipes

Everyday Recipes

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Cooking Technique Videos

Cooking Videos

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Preparation and Handling Tips

Preparation Tips

Have you ever wondered how long you can keep eggs in the refrigerator? Master the basics with our preparation and handling tips below.

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Consumers who purchase Ohio-produced eggs can be confident the eggs they buy are safe and of the highest quality. Ohio egg farmers know that ensuring the safety of eggs is their obligation and is the expectation of consumers.

hand washing
store at 33-40 degress fahrenheit
cook to 160 degrees fahrenheit

Proper Handling

Proper handling and cooking techniques also are essential to egg safety. Prior to working with eggs, consumers should wash their hands, as well as clean surfaces and utensils that might come in contact with raw eggs.

If consumers do not plan to use eggs before their expiration date, eggs may be frozen. To freeze eggs, the yolks and whites must be beaten together and not left in the shell; egg whites can also be frozen by themselves. Frozen eggs should be used within one year.

Another step to avoid cross-contamination is to separate eggs from other foods in the grocery cart, grocery bags and in the refrigerator. While in the refrigerator, eggs should be kept in the main section, not in the door, and kept between 33 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit to keep them fresh and prevent bacterial growth.

Cooking Techniques

Eggs should be cooked until the whites of the yolks are firm, for dishes containing eggs, until an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit is reached to avoid the potential for foodborne illnesses. To learn more about cooking eggs, watch the videos featured here.

250 yearly eggs

Fast Fact

The average American eats 287 eggs per year.

Eqq quality check

Fast Fact

Ohio is one of only a few states that has an egg quality assurance program.

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