Meet Alex Weaver

Fourth-generation egg farmer from Versailles, Ohio

Alex Weaver

Years of packing eggs, stacking cases, unloading material and sweeping floors led Alex Weaver to his current position as vice president of Weaver Eggs, his family’s fourth-generation egg farm. The Versailles, Ohio, egg farm was established in 1929 and has been raising egg-laying hens ever since. Now, with 8.4 million hens, Weaver Eggs has received numerous awards from customers and industry associations for its steadfast commitment to hen welfare, egg safety and quality, and environmental stewardship. Whether he’s working in the hen houses or meeting with customers, Alex loves being part of his family’s business.

“We are proud to provide Ohio, as well as other states, with wholesome, high-quality eggs,” said Alex. “This is where I was born and I love my state and value all the farmers working hard every day to support their families and provide high quality sources of food.”

What is your role on the farm?

Vice President, so I wear many hats. Some days I’m in the barns, others in processing, and some I’m traveling to customers or industry meetings.

How is your farm involved in the local community?

Weaver Eggs supports many local community programs through monetary and egg donations. We also support our local athletic teams.

What measures are taken on your farm to protect and preserve the environment?

We make sure we do things the right way. We work with and follow guidelines provided by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and we have completed the Livestock Environmental Permitting Program.

What measures are taken on your farm to ensure the health and productivity of flocks?

All our production employees are trained in animal welfare at the beginning of their employment. We feed our birds nutrient-dense diets and provide them with fresh, clean water. We have monthly vet visits to help ensure our birds are healthy and happy.

What does it mean to work with your family?

Working with family is very special. Not only do we see each other daily and catch up, we work hard together and are driving towards collective goals and visions. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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