Meet Dave

From the automotive industry to finding his true calling at Trillium Farms – Dave has quite the story.   

At first, Dave applied for what he considered a “temporary” job at Trillium Farms, where his father was employed. Eighteen years later, Dave shares the relationships he has built with colleagues are the biggest joy of his career with the farm.  His dedication and progression within the company, from starting in maintenance to becoming the senior manager of technical services, speak volumes about his commitment and expertise. 

His love for drag racing adds another dimension to his personal story.  You might see Dave on the track at National Trails or Summit Motorsports Park; he has been building drag racing cars for over ten years that reach speeds of 130 mph.  He enjoys the camaraderie of racing and is looking forward to the 9-day race in Norwalk in October, where he’ll have the opportunity to spend time with friends and stay in an RV. 

It’s clear that Dave values connection and community, whether in his professional life at Trillium Farms, his recreational pursuits on the track, or his commitment to his family as a husband and father to three sons. 

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