Meet Jordan Hertzfeld

Fourth-generation egg farmer from Grand Rapids, Ohio

Jordan Hertzfeld serves as the operations manager at Hertzfeld Poultry Farms, Inc., a fourth-generation farm in Grand Rapids, Ohio. Established in 1966, Hertzfeld Poultry is home to 1.4 million laying hens. Being egg farmers means a great deal to the Hertzfeld family and farm staff, and Jordan enjoys working with people who feel as passionately about the work as he does.

“I think everyone here takes a lot of pride in their job knowing that what they do provides families with a healthy affordable product,” said Jordan.

How is your farm involved in the local community?

We’re a part of several donations and events each year, and we donate to food pantries and other organizations on a regular basis.

What measures are taken on your farm to protect and preserve the environment?

We follow all local, state, and federal guidelines on our farm to ensure that our farming practices are not harmful to the environment surrounding our farms.

What measures are taken on your farm to ensure the health and productivity of flocks?

We have a strict biosecurity program on our farm. Before someone can enter, they need to be approved and their vehicle must be thoroughly sanitized at our gates. We also have a veterinarian on-staff to ensure all our hens receive the medical attention and nutrients they need to live healthy, productive lives.

What does it mean to work with your family?

I love coming to work every day knowing that I’ll be surrounded by my family who cares about me, the company we work for and the animals in our care.

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