Meet Leo

Leo’s journey began in Mexico, where he tended to horses, cows, sheep and goats on his father’s farm.  Work opportunities took him to California produce fields and then, by way of a friend, he discovered Bowman & Landes Turkey Farm in New Carlisle, OH. Twenty-seven years later, Leo became known for his kindness to humans and animals alike, his positive attitude and his trademark slogan, “It is a beautiful day!”. Leo spoke highly of the family-focused culture at Bowman & Landes.  Amidst the cold Ohio winters, Leo’s warmth carried through to the flock he tended to and the people he worked with. Leo understood the animals; he knew when they needed extra care and strived to make sure the animals were happy every day. 

When asked about his retirement, Leo said, “at my age I don’t want to change, I’m trying to make life happy”.

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