Meet Megan

Megan’s journey from her upbringing near Lynchburg, OH, to her current role as a Business Unit Leader at Versova Management, is a testament to her dedication and passion for agriculture and animal welfare. 

Starting with her roots in 4-H, Megan developed a strong connection to raising animals and showed early leadership and commitment to her community by serving as her chapter FFA President both her junior and senior years of high school.  

After graduating from The Ohio State University with a degree in animal sciences, Megan joined Trillium Farms in the Compliance Department, where she applied her knowledge of animal care and welfare to ensure the farm’s operations met regulatory standards.  Over the years, Megan’s hard work and dedication have paid off, as evidenced by her rise to the position of Business Unit Leader.  Managing employees and the health and safety of hens is a significant responsibility, and Megan’s success in this role speaks volumes about her leadership skills and ability to handle complex operations. 

Everyday Megan’s work provides safe, quality food to her young family, Ohio, and the nation. 

“I know I’m helping to feed the world and I love what I do,” Megan said.  

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