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Roger’s journey to Trillium Farms is one marked by a sense of purpose and resilience, which reflects his deep-rooted commitment to service and family. With nearly three decades of military experience, including deployments to Iraq and being stationed in Germany, Fort Bragg, NC, and Dayton, OH, Roger embodies dedication and discipline. His family has a deep history of military service, continuing from Roger and his three brothers to his cousin, sons, and son-in-laws. 

Upon retiring from the Army with the rank of Sergeant-Major, Roger found himself drawn to Trillium Farms.  Despite initially having plans for a security position in Africa, circumstances aligned to lead him to Trillium Farms, which he describes as nothing short of “Divine Intervention.” It’s in Roger’s telling of the role he played in caring for his brother, whose fight with cancer brought him home from Kuwait, that his military knowledge, commitment to his family, his caring nature and the values of Trillium Farms all come together. Roger knows that Trillium Farms is where he is supposed to be. 

Over the course of his decade-long tenure at Trillium Farms, Roger has not only embraced his role but also pursued further education, earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in organizational leadership, allowing him to interact with many different entities in his current role, where no two days are alike. 

Notably, Roger’s commitment to Trillium Farms extends beyond his own involvement, as Rita, his wife of 39 years, also works at the farm. Their shared dedication serves as a testament to their belief in the farm’s mission and values. 

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