Back-to-School Recipes

It’s officially back to school time! What better way to send kids off to school than with a protein-packed breakfast featuring eggs?

Not only do eggs leave kids feeling fuller longer, but one large egg contains 13 essential nutrients and six grams of high-quality protein, all for only 70 calories! Research shows that kids who eat breakfast have higher test scores, improved attendance and better class participation. Also, nutrient-dense breakfasts including eggs have been shown to help children focus and perform better in school.

Eggs are affordable, convenient and easy to prepare whether scrambled, fried or hard-boiled, satisfying even the pickiest of appetites. Eggs also lack sugar and carbohydrates, making them a perfect addition to a balanced diet.

Low on time ? Check out these quick and easy egg recipes perfect for any day of the week. You can also prepare for the week by making a batch of hard-boiled eggs for kids to eat on the way to school, pack in lunches or enjoy as an after-school snack!

Veggie Egg Pops are perfect in a packed lunch or after school snack.  

Macaroni Egg Salad combines hard-boiled eggs with pasta, fresh veggies, herbs and a creamy made-from scratch dressing for a fresh dinner the whole family will love. 

Air Fryer Breakfast Burritos are packed with eggs, bacon, cheese, avocado and tomatoes for a customizable, freezer-friendly breakfast the whole family will love. 


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