Ohio Egg Farmers

Committed to Producing Safe, Wholesome Eggs 365 Days a Year

Ohio’s egg farming families are proud to work year-round to produce nutritious, affordable eggs and egg products for families across the nation. There are numerous steps egg farmers take to ensure your eggs are fresh and of the highest quality. Watch below to see how eggs travel from an Ohio egg farm to your table!


It all Starts with Ensuring Excellent Hen Care

Thomas makes sure that hens have 24/7 access to fresh food and water and are monitored for their health. On Ohio egg farms, animal care teams are specially trained to look for signs of animal well-being because they know that high-quality eggs start with healthy hens.

Maintaining a Clean, Safe Environment is a Top Priority

Barn maintenance workers, like Luis, ensure that barns are kept clean and are well-ventilated so that hens have fresh air and a clean, safe environment to live within.

After Eggs are Collected, they Move to Processing

Zach receives the eggs as they’re brought from hen houses on conveyor belts. In processing, eggs are thoroughly washed and then sorted based on their weight.

Eggs are Graded for Quality

Egg graders, like Elvira, use a process called “candling” to check the internal and external quality of eggs. Some farms have egg graders from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on-staff, which will determine if eggs are “USDA certified”. This step assures that eggs are of the highest quality before being packed into cartons.

Eggs are Transported from the Farm to the Grocery Store

After eggs have been packed into cartons and then into boxes, they are loaded onto refrigerated trucks. Then, truck drivers, like Rick, transport the eggs safely from the farm to grocery stores and restaurants.

Grocery Store Shelves are Stocked with Eggs for Consumers to Purchase

At grocery stores, sales associates, like Katey, display the eggs in refrigerators where customers can consider which eggs to purchase. On average, it only takes 48-72 hours for an egg to reach the grocery store after it has been laid in the hen house!

Consumers Can Enjoy High-Quality Eggs

Alex, who is a husband, father and Ohio egg farmer, knows that eggs are an affordable, nutrient-rich option for any meal and are safe to feed his family.
Ohio Egg Farmers’


Ohio egg farmers are committed to producing an affordable, wholesome source of high-quality protein and take their responsibility for providing fresh, safe eggs for families very seriously. Learn from these Ohio egg farmers about their commitments to producing eggs for families 365 days a year.

Emily Hookway

“I’m proud to be an Ohio egg farmer because when I’m at the grocery store and I watch customers pick eggs off the shelf, I have a sense of pride in knowing that I was able to help provide a wholesome and nutritious product.”

Doug Baker

“Our company, our team, is proud to continue a decades-long commitment to providing high-quality, nutritious eggs for your family and ours.”

Greg Singh

“Our teams, from the feed mill to shipping to all of our caretakers, have pulled together to continue producing the highest quality eggs and keep grocery stores stocked as full as possible during this time.”

Chris Buckley

“We’ve been working very hard and diligently to make sure that you have the opportunity to buy eggs every day at your supermarket.”

Cole Cooper

“Through this unprecedented time, our commitment to our team members, to our community and to our animals has never been stronger.”

Raul Buendia

“We will continue to help ensure that stores’ shelves are stocked with fresh and nutritious eggs for our families and yours.”

Roger Newton

“During these trying times, everyone here at Trillium is proudly working together as one team to provide high-quality, nutritious eggs for you and your family.”
For more videos on Ohio egg farming, visit the Ohio Poultry Association’s YouTube channel.

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