Celebrate Summersgiving with Ohio Turkey Farmers

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This year’s National Summersgiving Day is celebrated on June 22, the Saturday after the summer solstice. It’s a time to celebrate the summer season, be grateful for loved ones, and bring America’s finest Thanksgiving food together.

June is also Turkey Lovers’ Month, and Ohio turkey farmers are celebrating Summersgiving all month long by sharing their favorite turkey recipes.

It’s time to grab your friends and family and head outdoors for the perfect cookout to kick off the summer.


Summersgiving Recipe Favorites

Turkey is a good source of protein! Be sure to include these dishes on the menu for your next outdoor gathering.

 Thanksgiving Meatball Kabobs

Southwest Turkey Burger

Turkey Kofta Kebabs

 Ohio Smoked Turkey Sandwich    ‘

Turkey Sloppy Joe Sliders with Fried Eggs

 Lemon Pesto Turkey Burgers

 Grilled Turkey Sliders on Focaccia

 Maple Turkey Burger Brunch Board

 Smoked Glazed Turkey Drumsticks

Summersgiving Food Safety Tips

As with any outdoor event involving food, it’s important to practice proper food safety, especially during the summer months. Here are some tips for keeping your turkey dishes fresh and safe:

Turkey Safety

  • Before and after handling turkey in the kitchen, be sure to thoroughly wash hands with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds.  
  • Don’t cross-contaminate! Use separate cutting boards, mixing bowls, plates and utensils for raw turkey than you use for other ingredients. 
  • Use a meat thermometer to ensure your turkey has been properly cooked to an internal temperature of 165°F.
  • Refrigerate turkey leftovers in shallow storage containers for up to 4 days or freeze to use within a few weeks. 
  • Turkey that has been left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours should be thrown away (1 hour if the outdoor temperature is above 90°F) to prevent foodborne illness.


Enter for a Chance to Win Summersgiving Sweepstakes

Ohio turkey farmers are selecting three lucky winners to receive summer picnic and cookout prizes in honor of Summersgiving! One lucky winner will receive the grand prize package, which includes a $200 Bowman & Landes gift card plus picnic supplies. Two lucky winners will receive $100 Bowman & Landes gift cards. To enter, like @OhioEggandPoultry on Facebook or @OhioPoultry on Instagram and enter through June 17 here. The Ohio Poultry Association will contact winners on June 18.


Meet Ohio Turkey Farming Families

Ken Bowman and Dennis Landes established Bowman & Landes Turkey Farm in New Carlisle, Ohio, more than 70 years ago. Since it was established, Bowman & Landes has taken its responsibility to produce safe, wholesome turkey for Ohioans very seriously. As a fourth-generation family farm, Bowman & Landes is unique because it raises free-range turkeys that have access to pastureland without the use of antibiotics. Click here to learn more about the history of Bowman & Landes.


Cole Cooper

Cooper Farms was founded in 1938 by Virgil and Virginia Cooper, and is still family owned and operated today. The multi-generational farm has raised turkeys, hogs, and chickens since it was established, and takes pride in their products and employees. The Cooper family is committed to producing nutritious turkey, chicken, eggs and pork for Ohioans and beyond. Click here to learn more about Cooper Farms.


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