Get Crackin’ on a Healthy Lifestyle

With work, family and a social life to balance, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to prioritize your health. Lucky for you, we have a way to make living a healthy lifestyle just a little bit easier. Try cooking up some eggs!  

Whether you’re recovering from a workout or looking to add more healthy foods to your diet, eggs are a compact, natural source of vitamins and minerals! Packed with eight essential nutrients, eggs are a perfect complement to any eating pattern – plant-based, low-carb, you name it! But, don’t forget the yolk, folks. Almost all an egg’s vitamins and minerals can be found in the yolk, which helps support a healthy brain and body.   

Consider jump starting your day with a high-quality protein-packed egg breakfast to help support bone health and muscle repair, gain energy, and stay full and focused. Or, skip the afternoon slump with a filling lunch that’s equally nutritious and delicious. 

Looking for some recipe inspiration? We’ve got you covered!



Microwave Egg & Veggie Breakfast Bowl

Instant Pot Breakfast Egg Casserole

Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito


Lunches + Dinners 

Simple Spinach Salad with Hard-Cooked Eggs

Chicken Pad Thai

Tex-Mex Sheet Pan Dinner

Zucchini Noodles with Poached Egg Topper


Enter for a Chance to Win our Protein Powerhouse Sweepstakes!  

Ohio’s egg farmers are selecting six lucky winners to receive fun prizes fit for any healthy lifestyle. Enter for a chance to win eggs for a year, a $500 gift card towards a yearly gym membership, or a $500 sporting goods gift card to purchase new fitness gear! Click here to enter through August 7. 

Meet an Ohio Egg Farmer 

Ohio egg farmers work hard year-round to provide high-quality and nutritious eggs for Ohioans and the world. Meet an Ohio egg farmer here.

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